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The Fiddler's Inn Policy Statements and disclaimer:

Rates are variable per room and seasonally. Full deposit to hold room. Notice of cancellation must be given before 3PM 24 hours prior to arrival date to receive full refund of deposit. If cancelation is not within within this time frame your deposit will be forfeited and you will incur a charge equal to that of one nights stay plus applicable taxes and fees.

Accidental damages, malicious acts, incidentals, thefts of items or damage to building and contents of the Fiddler's Inn  is the responsibility of Customer and must pay all damages that incurred by guest , guest’s or invited and uninvited persons that were on premise of the Fiddler's Inn property. We are not responsible or liable in any way for any injuries or deaths to guest, guest’s, person or persons invited or not invited while staying on premise or off premise for any reasons. We are not liable for damage, theft to private property of guest guest’s or persons that may occur while on premise or off premise for any reasons.

No smoking in buildings of Fiddler's Inn. If smoking occurs in a room a $1000 dollar charge per each night of stay will be added to bill.

We may allow your pet to stay in your room although special arrangements must be made in advance.  A $500 charge will be added per each night if pets have been in the building (unless special arrangements have been made).

Customer agrees and accepts these terms as being a guest at the Fiddler's Inn.

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